The Production

The Production

The production team discussed in length finding a suitable location for The Inuring shoot. These discussions ranged from real locations in central London, to film studios across the city. In the early weeks of pre-production the Director did a recce of each to determine a suitable home for the shoot. One of these had come highly recommended by the Cinematographer having previously shot a number of productions there: Cherryduck Studios. After discussions with their owner, and their support for this anti-bullying film drama, it was apparent that The Inuring had found its home.


Throughout pre-production Cherryduck Studios could not have been more supportive of the film and production team. The Director liaised with them on deliveries, the build, and reserving items from their extensive props warehouse for the shoot.

This culminated on the production weekend of 12th and 13th March 2016. The first of these days was the set-build. From 8am to 6pm, the Director, Production Designer, Construction Manager, and Art Department Assistants worked all day to create and build the set needed for the shoot. Constructing the flats from the designs, and decorating it based on the mood boards from the Production Designer, the team built an impressive set for The Inuring.

In the middle of this, the Director and Producer held a production meeting at Cherryduck Studios with the Costume Designer and actors to finalise the costume outfits for the shoot the following day. The Producer’s creative input during this process alongside the Costume Designer’s superb designs for both characters, ensured the perfect look for the film.

At 6pm that night, the set for The Inuring was complete. Transforming an empty studio to the perfect set in one day had taken considerable effort by the entire Art Department. Their professionalism, humour, and creativity, was something the Director and Producer valued and appreciated greatly. Without the extraordinary talents of the Art Department Assistants, Production Designer, and Construction Manager, The Inuring would never have had such a stunningly beautiful set for its shoot.

The following day, at 8am, the Director was back on set for the one day shoot. The Producers had assembled an impressive production team in the lead-up to the shoot, and this crew worked diligently throughout the morning to light the set and prepare for shooting. While the actors were in makeup, the camera team meticulously rehearsed the opening shot of the film the Director had always envisaged. This shot had been discussed at length prior to the set design, so that the set itself was built to accommodate it.


At 11am that morning, “action” was called on The Inuring, and for the next two hours, the team shot scene 1 with both actors. Thanks to the actors’ terrific creative input about the blocking of scene 1 during rehearsals at Raindance, the scene was in the can before the lunch break.

After lunch, the crew shot all of Claudette’s scenes in the hallway, with Sarine Sofair. Dressed immaculately in the vintage outfit sourced by the Costume Designer, and the perfect hair and makeup look created by the Makeup Artist, Sarine had been transformed into Claudette. This became even more apparent with the subtlety that Sarine added to Claudette’s early scenes to express the aloofness that Claudette initially has over her sister’s latest outburst. The coldness of Claudette ebbs away with some lovely nuances by Sarine to reveal Claudette’s softer side as she becomes determined to finally reconnect with her sister. These layers are accentuated as Sarine became everything the Director wanted to see and more, to complete Claudette’s transformation from the opening scene.

During the final stages of these set-ups, the Cinematographer, Gaffer and lighting department began work on lighting Aleisha’s bedroom in preparation for her scenes. Having been the other side of the door with the Production Assistant throughout the afternoon delivering her lines to aid Sarine’s performance, our lead Emily Haigh was about to bring the heart-breaking world of Aleisha to life. There was a hush on set as the unravelling of this world began. Beautifully lit in the isolation of her bedroom, the fragile Aleisha came to life before the crew’s eyes. At times there were glances between the production team while they bore witness to Emily’s extraordinary performance, as Aleisha’s revelations spin the film towards its climax.

Shortly before 10pm, the Director shouted “that’s a wrap” and after a 14-hour day, The Inuring was in the can.


It had taken a gigantic effort by the entire team to get to that moment. The patience, hard work, and positive energy by every single member of the cast and crew was something that the Director said will live long in the memory. Without each and every one of them, The Inuring would not be the powerful film it is today.