Patricia Hetherington

1st AD
Patricia Hetherington

PatriciaPatricia Hetherington is from Wellington, New Zealand.

Her training and experience has seen her work on multiple productions in a variety of roles.

These roles are frequently in demand through her membership of BECTU and also her successful filmmaking initiate Action on the Side. This popular networking community enables filmmakers to shoot, edit and release a short film by working across four consecutive weekends almost every month in London. As a result, Action on the Side is responsible for 6-12 short films being released every year with Patricia’s own credits expanding to over 50 short films.

Due to this wealth of experience, securing Patricia to a film will always be of benefit to its production. Such was her belief in The Inuring, Patricia rearranged her own schedules to accommodate working on The Inuring during its shoot over a weekend in March earlier this year.

As the team’s 1st Assistant Director, Patricia was responsible for the call sheet, distributing the shot list, and managing the floor during the shoot.

Her patience, calmness, and professionalism throughout, made Patricia a valuable member of the production team.