Lefteris Savva

Sound Recordist
Lefteris Savva

LefterisSavvaLefteris Savva originally from Cyprus is now based in London.

As a Sound Recordist he has worked on corporate videos, short films, documentaries, and 6 features.

This work has seen him hired in four countries to date, and the demand for his services has recently increased after the Best Live Action Short Oscar win for Stutterer – a film Lefteris was the Sound Recordist for.

Based on his work in this film and his previous credits, he was approached by the Director to join the production. Lefteris loved the script and was keen to be involved.

He signed on the following week, and shortly before The Inuring shoot, his previous short film Stutterer won the Oscar. Consequently he arrived on set as an Oscar-winner and his professionalism during the shoot was outstanding.

Lefteris Savva has recorded beautiful crisp audio of all of the dialogue and sounds from the set of The Inuring, and was an essential member of the team.