Kieron Jansch

First Assistant Camera
Kieron Jansch

KieronKieron Jansch is a London based cameraman and filmmaker.

He is the son of world renowned sculptor Heather Jansch, and legendary guitarist Bert Jansch, and began his education at an early age, long before moving onto formal training.

He has worked on numerous productions, ranging from commercials, corporate videos, short films, and features.

Kieron now runs his own camera production company, Manned Camera, that enables filmmakers the opportunity to hire his full camera kit for shoots or secure him too as part of the package.

The Producers brought Kieron onboard a month before the shoot based on the recommendations of the Cinematographer.

Kieron not only joined the team as the First Assistant Camera, he also brought with him his entire shooting kit. This consisted of an Arri Amira, Indy Dolly, Libec Jib, and full cinema lenses.

Kieron Jansch himself is a fantastic crew member to have on set and both Producers could not have been happy with his work, attitude, patience, and professionalism throughout the production of The Inuring.