Giulia Patanè

Script Supervisor
Giulia Patanè

GiuliaGiulia Patanè is a London and Rome based Script Supervisor.

She was trained by Randi Feldman in New York, and has been continually in demand since as a Script Supervisor for short films, television shows, and features. This work has taken her across Europe, where her multilingual skills has seen her hired on numerous international productions. Most recently, Giulia wrapped on another feature film, this time in Italy.

Her experience brought her to the attention of the Writer / Director early on, who arranged to meet her in London to discuss the project with her. Giulia’s love for the script and her shared vision for the final film, convinced the Producers to sign Giulia shortly after, and she joined the production team as the Script Supervisor for The Inuring.

Her professionalism, organisational skills, shoot notes, and lovely nature, made Giulia’s presence on set irreplaceable. She has since been praised by the Editor for her fantastic notes on the takes which has made the editing of The Inuring flow much quicker.

Giulia Patanè is a superb Script Supervisor and comes highly recommended.