Charlotte Meakin

Construction Manager
Charlotte Meakin

CharlieMeakinCharlotte Meakin is a London based Production Designer and Construction Manager.

From her own studio, Charlotte has designed sets for numerous stage and film productions.

Her theatre work ranges from projects at the Cockpit and Buxton Opera House, to stage productions at the Oxford Playhouse.

In film, she has worked on a string of short films and independent features.

Charlotte is the also the Co-Founder of Studio22, a pre-production studio that caters to the film and theatrical industry, along with the being the Stage Manager and Technical Director of Freewheelers, a company that specialise in theatre, film, dance and music for adults with learning disabilities.

This experience brought her to the attention of the Director who actively sought to secure her services to build the set needed for The Inuring. After a two hour meeting discussing the shot design and film, Charlotte shared a passion to bring the story to the screen, and signed on to become the Construction Manager for the team.

Charlotte built the set using flats and additional timber with the help of the 5 Art Department Assistants at Cherryduck Studios. She was also on set during the shoot to dismantle and rearrange elements so that the Director could shoot the key shots he wanted in the film.

Charlotte Meakin was an irreplaceable member of the production team and comes highly recommended by the Producers.